XPCTWAIN is a file import TWAIN driver. It gives additional file import support to existing applications. Does your application not support multipage TIFFs? XPCTWAIN does! Does your application not support JPEG2000? XPCTWAIN does! To make it complete also JPEG, PNG and BMP are supported. Does your application support MDE but can open only one file at once? XPCTWAIN does support multiple file selection and transfer. XPCTWAIN allows you to batch scan a large number of files with one command. XPCTWAIN is to handle like a TWAIN driver but acts like a file open dialog. A checkbox allows you to decide if the files should be copied or moved from the source directory to the target application.

The XPCTWAIN dialog is always in the language of your Windows OS.

XPCTWAIN is available as a single desk license. Volume pricing is available upon request. A demo version is available at our download site.

XPCTWAIN Elite supports in addition to all features of XPCTWAIN also the import of PDF files. Applications which have no PDF import filter but a TWAIN interface can import PDF files with XPCTWAIN Elite. Also multi-page PDF can be imported if the application supports multi page transfers. The source file can be kept of deleted as the user sets it up.

XPCTWAIN Elite can be used with TWAIN compliant applications under the operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The usage on a client of a Windows 2008 server is also possible but cannot be guaranteed under all circumstances as here are dependencies which JSE cannot influence. Therefore we recommend that you test with the free demo version of XPCTWAIN Elite if you like to use it in a Windows 2008 server environment.


The vendor of the scanner ScanSnap iX500 does not offer a TWAIN driver for its device as the included driver and ScanSnap software allows intuitive operation without the driver industry standard. Anyhow some users like the ScanSnap scanner but want to use a compatible integration with other scanners also for the ScanSnap scanner. JSE now offers for these users a solution. 32 bit and 64 bit TWAIN drivers for the Fujitsu ScanSnap. The JSE TWAIN driver for ScanSnap requires an installed and working ScanSnap software on the Windows system. The TWAIN driver supports Windows 7 to Windows 10. It allows the setting of important scan parameters. The license is per computer. If a computer is changed a new license is required. Large organizations can ask for a company license.








TWAINCommander 3
TWAINCommander is a utility for command line scanning from any TWAIN device into image files.
If you want to be independend from changing browser versions and security settings this technology with an interface stable for more than 20 years is the right choise for easy TWAIN integration into your solution or project.
The new TWAINCommander 3 is running under Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. As 32 bit applications it supports both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows versions. TWAINCommander can create JPEG, TIFF, PNG or Bitmap files. And it is so simple. As a TWAIN console application just call e.g. TWAINCOM c:\myfiles\mypic.jpg and TWAINCommander scans an image into the file. The JSE TWAINCommander supports also batch scanning. TWAINCommander is a great productivity tool. It offers Enterprize Class Scanning compliant with the latest TWAIN standards and is that much easier to use than a SDK.

But TWAINCommander can not only run from the DOS prompt. It can also be executed from applications. Nothing is easier than call a shell command from a C, VisualBasic, Delphi or PowerBuilder application. Even from HTML it is possible to access local (client) TWAIN devices like scanners or webcams via two lines of VBScript code. That makes TWAINCommander also interesting for software developers and web designers. c:\myapp\twaincom c:\scans\docu2003.tif -feederon -h -n -paperformatusletter -monochrome -r 200 -multipagetiff -o

TWAIN Control File Formats Post Scanning
Native and Buffered Memory Transfer
ADF / feeder control
Duplex scanning
Scan mode (mono/gray/true color)
Paper format
Scan resolution
Select TWAIN Data Source
Transparency unit support
Hide TWAIN drivers user interface
Bitmap (1, 8 or 24 bpp)
JPEG (8 bit and 24 bit)
TIFF (1 bpp CCITT Fax G4)
TIFF (8 and 24 bpp)
TIFF Multipage
Auto file numbering
Time stamp
Text overlay

c:\myapp\twaincom c:\scans\docu2003.tif -feederon -h -n -paperformatusletter -monochrome -r 200 -multipagetiff -o

The above sample call scans from the ADF with hidden user interface of the TWAIN driver in native transfer mode letter pages monochrome with 200 dpi resolution into a multipage TIFF file. This command can be typed at the prompt, executed from a batch file or executed from an application via shell command. TWAIN access could not be easier than with TWAINCommander.

TWAINCommander is available in two versions. TWAINCommander and TWAINCommander Elite. The Elite version supports PDF as additional output file format. Also barcode recognition is included.

Two licenses of TWAINCommander are available: a single desk license and a corporate/developer license. TWAINCommander is only available via online distribution. A demo version of TWAINCommander is available in the download section. Included with the demo version is a detailed PDF manual of TWAINCommander. If you like to buy TWAINCommander for the first time you may use our online order system at the ORDER page. If you have already a TWAINCommander 2.0 license we offer you an upgrade to TWAINCommander 3. Please ask for conditions.

BARISEI is a command line conversion tool for the conversion from TIFF and JPEG images into PDF files. It produces well compressed high quality PDF files within shortest time. The production speed of BARISEI can reach more than 200 color pages per minute. BARISEI is available as single desk license and also as developer/corporate license. The demo version of BARISEI is available at the download site.

BARISEI includes a documentation which describes all command line parameters. BARISEI can be used as a command line tool or be fully integrated into applications by calling barisei.exe from a shell execute command.


A command line tool to scan from devices with WIA drivers as scanners, cameras, image grabbers, etc. into image files. Even multipage TIFF is supported. A comprehensive set of command line parameters allow to set different scan and file parameters. The executable of WIACommander can be called by batch, script or ShellExecute. It allows access to WIA image capture devices without any knowledge of the complex WIA API and is a great time saver for solution developers.

CamCommander is a command line tool to capture images from USB cameras into image files. You need only a single line of code to capture from your web cam into a TIFF or JPEG file. It runs in silent mode or with optional live preview. CamCommander can also be called from the prompt of Windows. CamCommander seems to be the easiest way to integrate camera access into applications. It is an ideal utility for process automation in various industries and for governmental applications. The product targets programmers, admins and users. A wide range of cameras are supported. A demo version of CamCommander is available at the download page. Sample call: "camcom c:\temp\sample.jpg -nopreview"

TWAIN Integration Kit

At September 1, 2006 we have discontinued the TWAIN Integration Kit, the first commercial TWAIN SDK, after being 12 years on the market. We are guaranteeing our clients 5 years full support until August 31, 2011 but minimum 7 years after the individual date of purchase or last paid update. For new projects please consider the use of TWAINCommander (command line) or TIKX (ActiveX).