JSE was founded in 1994. The company is focussed in development of TWAIN toolkits, OEM TWAIN drivers, color management of input and output devices and development of custom drivers and applications for input devices and output devices for Windows and OS X.

The TWAIN Integration Kit is a leading toolkit for TWAIN integration into Windows applications.

JSE develops OEM TWAIN drivers for scanners, digital cameras, frame grabbers, image databases, web cams and other image input devices.

Color management technologies developed by JSE are improving the image quality of the hardware devices.

JSE is based in Germany, in outer Duesseldorf and is distributing the retail products and services world-wide.

JSE Imaging Solutions Limited
Kolpingstrasse 11
40764 Langenfeld
Phone: +49 2173 168 882

Email:  sales@jse.de