We answer your technical pre- and post sales questions

Regardless, if you need a hint how to optimize your document workflow with one of the JSE products, if you have a concrete technical problem with one of our products, want to request a feature or have a question regarding our OEM development capabilities we are happy to answer your email which you please send to .


How to activate a license

We recommend that you test SnapTwain with your scan application and scanner before you purchase a license. You can use for testing the free demo version of SnapTwain from our DOWNLOAD page. It has the full functionality as the registered product but adds a watermark to the scanned images. For the registration after you have purchased a license scan from you application that the user interface of SnapTwain comes up. If your application scans without the driver dialog, you can use the SnapTwain - 2 - test scan with UI from the Windows Start Menu. In the SnapTwain dialog, please click on “Register” and enter in the dialog you name and email address and in the message field your order or invoice number. Then click on “send direct request”. If your purchase is verified you will receive within 24 hours you license key. If you do not receive it in this time, please check your spam folder for an email from sales@jse.de and ask your postmaster to white list jse.de.
SnapTwain Version History

Version 1.72: Enhanced log information on capability negotiation. Support of the application Experity EMR / Practice Velocity (December 2022)

Version 1.70: Important security update. Register only version 1.70 or newer versions. Already installed older demo versions can't be registered anymore and need to be updated. (November 2022)

Version 1.69: Additional feature in Predefined Scan Properties tool (November 2022)

Version 1.67: support of ScanSnap SV600 added and looging enhanced (October 2022)

Version 1.61: Wi-Fi connected scanners recognized by model name (May 2022)

Version 1.60: improved registration process and support of Parallels on macOS with ScanSnap (April 2022)

Version 1.58: advanced functions to overrule application settings with Predefined Scan Properties Tool and new signature (March 2022)

Version 1.54: enhanced application compatibility (January 2022)

Version 1.53: support of new scanner model ScanSnap iX1300 (October 2021)

Version 1.51: change in TWAIN communication fixes issues with several applications. Now the programs Datev Belegtransfer, Kofax PaperPort 14, TaxDome, ELO Office, AdvancedMD and ecoDMS are supported. (September 2021)

Version 1.46: fix of problem with license key entering (May 2021)

Version 1.45: support of new scanner models ScanSnap iX1400 and iX1600 (April 2021)

Version 1.38: fix of license funtion and improved application compatibility (October 2020)

Version 1.21: support of Wifi connection for ScanSnap iX1500

Version 1.20: support of ScanSnap Home and ScanSnap iX1500 with USB connection

Version 1.10: improved performance

You can always download the latest version of SnapTwain on the Download side. If you have a licensed version, the license will remain.
As SnapTwain is communicating with the ScanSnap Home sofware of your scanner, please make sure that you use an actional version of that software.
Direct support request on your system with TeamViewer

To give you support on specific problems a log file of the session is helpful. Your can create it as described.
1.) Please restart your computer and then start the program you want to use for scanning (with SnapTwain).
2.) On your keyboard, simultaneously press and hold the left Shift key and the left Control key.
3.) Use the mouse to start scanning from the scan program. Continue to hold down the two keys until the scan is complete or an unrecoverable error has occurred.
4.) Locate the log file in <Users>\<User>\Documents\SnapTwain\SnapTwain.log and send it to support@jse.de.
As explanation:<Users> is a placeholder. For you, it may say C:\User depending on your Windows/Language version. "" stands for your personal user name.

TWAINCommander Service Releases

The actual version is TWAINCommander 3. Please make sure that you use Build 801 or later.

In 2005 TWAINCommander 3 was launched. In 2015, 10 years after end os sales, the support for TWAINCommander 2.0 has been terminated. Upgrade packages to the actual TWAINCommander 3 are available. Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11 are not supported by TWAINCommander 2.0 while TWAINCommander 3 suports these OS.

JPEG files are created invalid. The build 504 fixes the bug which only occurs in build 503 that JPEG images could be invalid.

Monochrome TIFF images can be inverted with some TWAIN devices. This problem has been solved with build 538.

Paths and filenames containing spaces were not supported. The build 553 fixes this problem.

If you face one of the above problems, please contact JSE support to get the latest build of TWAINCommander.

PDF Output Writer for TWAINCommander Service Releases

Contact JSE to obtain a new build if your TWAINCommander with PDF option build is B736 or below. From Build B737 there is a problem fixed that rarely a page in large scans from high speed scanners could be missed.


There is currently no Service Release for these products available.