TWAIN Driver Demo Versions

Download SnapTwainSetup.exe SnapTwain - the TWAIN driver for ScanSnap iX100, iX500, iX1300, S1300i, iX1400, iX1500, and iX1600 Demo Version (~ 3,400k)
This TWAIN driver supports ScanSnap scanners which have no TWAIN driver from the scanner vendor. The scanner needs to be operable with the SnapScan software of the vendor. Then SnapTwain can be installed in addition to optimize the processes and scan with the TWAIN feature from TWAIN compliant applications. This demo version is adding a watermark to the images. By registering a license the watermark will be removed.

XPCTWAIN TIFF Multipage/Multifile TWAIN Import Driver Demo Version (~ 450k)
This TWAIN driver allows importing TIFF multipage files and PDF files to any TWAIN compliant application. XPCTWAIN allows multi file selection and supports batch processing.

XPCTWAIN Elite PDF/TIFF Multipage / Multifile TWAIN Import Driver Demo Version (~ 3250k)
In addition to the formats which XPCTWAIN supports, XPCTWAIN Elite has also PDF file support.

TWAIN Utilities for Programmers, Admins and Users

TWAINCommander 3 Demo Version (~ 1000k)
Demo version of the command line scan utility. It supports all TWAIN compliant devices under 32 bit and 64 bit Microsoft Windows operating systems. TWAINCommander supports scanning from the command prompt direct into a JPEG, TIFF or BITMAP file. Programmers can execute TWAINCommander direct from their application. This demo contains samples and documentation.

USB Camera/Webcam Command Line Tool Demo Versions

CamCommander 1.0 Demo Version (~ 1000k)
CamCommander is a command line tool to acquire still images from USB cameras under Windows 2000, XP and Vista into image files. This demo comes with documentation and full functionality of the licensed product but overlays a red cross over the target JPEG files.


The sales of the TWAIN Integration Kit 2.0 has been discontinued. If you are interested in a 32 bit or 16 bit Windows DLL based TWAIN SDK please contact the JSE support.